free fire max release date

When will Free Fire max release in India

Garena free fire max will be soon releasing world wide. After testing free fire max in some countries free fire max is finally releasing globally. You can easily pre-register the game on playstore around the world. Users from all over the world can easily pre-register on there mobile phone by going on playstore and app store. Free fire players around the world were very exiting towards the release of free fire max. The confirm release date of garena free fire max in 8th October 2021. And on the date of release of free fire max everyone is very happy after listening about the confirm release of garena free fire max.

Free fire max is completely improved version of Free Fire. Free fire max completely comes with better graphics, better fps and everything. Free fire max is developed by garena which is a superior version of free fire, Free fire max is developed according to the demand of free fire users they give better experience to there players.

Difference between Free fire and Free fire Max

Free fire and Free fire Max are not much different than each other. Free fire max is modified and better version of free fire. Free fire max has same craze, free fire max is a completely different game with improved graphics, better sound quality and animation with superb experience. And there are many animation added to the game like zone animation and many other things related to it. Weapon function and many other things were added to the game with more quality quantity of the game called as free fire max. Free fire max is currently available in few countries where players where players are able to enjoy the game. Finally Free fire max is launching is India and all over the world globally on 8th October 2021